St. 立博app手机版 has been at the forefront of serving students with autism in Central Virginia for more than 40 years. 达到26个地方, our Sarah Dooley孤独症中心 (SDCA) is one of the Villa’s largest and fastest growing programs.

尽管巨大的努力, our public schools are overwhelmed by the growing number of children appearing on the autism spectrum. The Virginia Department of 教育 reports that the number of students with autism has increased by an average of 12.1% each year over the past decade, totaling nearly 22,000 today. 为了满足这一日益深化的需求,立博app有了一个大胆的想法.


通过重新开发立博app的24,000平方公里. ft. Dooley学校 building as the Villa’s new Sarah Dooley孤独症中心, 营造教育融合的环境, 治疗, 研究, 以及社区伙伴关系. The new Center will be the hub for our pioneering model of autism education, designed to achieve the behavioral and communications outcomes of an elite clinic, 在达到顶级学校的学业目标的同时, and maximizing independence for 100 students and their families at a time.

SDCA will also serve as a model for autism-specific classrooms, designed to be replicable in public school systems with existing resources. The new space will allow us to host robust in-service and embedded teacher trainings to meet the growing need for training in autism-specific teaching and communication techniques, 应用行为技能, 和结果的措施. 由培训老师, SDCA will impact the lives of thousands of children across the Commonwealth and beyond.


St. 立博app手机版 is committed to providing first-class education and care to all children with developmental disabilities. 立博app的项目免费提供给家庭,包括

  • 立博app自闭症中心的全年教育
  • 课外娱乐和技能培养
  • 24小时家庭行为支持和应急响应
  • Community-based instruction to support independence and life skills
  • 伴侣体验包括音乐和动物治疗
  • 为毕业后的生活提供职业和过渡服务
  • Adult day programming for students who have aged out of school services
  • 进入立博app的校园食品银行和捐赠中心

We empower 父母 to be partners and advocates in their children’s education.

We work with families to create a bridge between school, home, and community. SDCA是圣. 立博app手机版, with wraparound support services to help students reach their goals and prepare for life after school.

“我儿子想上学. He will greet you now, look at your eye-to-eye and try to engage. 没有像圣. 立博app的别墅,我想立博app很多父母都会失去. 他们不仅帮助你的孩子,也帮助你自己.——家长宝拉·奈特

SDCA学生Romelo在Villa的学习中浇灌植物 & 治疗花园


立博app很自豪能与公立学校合作. Our goal is to give our students the skills they need to successfully transition back to their zoned public schools, where they can be in their community with neighbors and siblings.


More than 98% of all children with an autism diagnosis will be exclusively educated by public schools. A specialized placement can take years of advocacy and legal battles for families, 但是没有一个, 家长们面临高昂的私立学校学费. These hurdles are especially hard on the low-income families we serve.

立博app新的SDCA将成为教师的典范和培训中心, 助手, 公共汽车司机, 父母, 儿科医生, 还有那些成为这些学生生活一部分的人. The renovated building will house a 校园 Center that will provide a flexible space where we will train up to 1,每年000名专业人士. Over time, the ripple effect will touch the lives of tens of thousands of students. Our pioneering model is designed to be replicable in a public school setting with existing resources and infrastructure, and to help prepare our schools and communities to educate and welcome the rapidly increasing number of students with an autism diagnosis.


生活质量和独立性最重要. The top expense for adults with moderate to severe developmental disabilities is personal care. 根据《立博app》, autism care costs totaled $268 billion in the United States in 2015. If the prevalence of autism continues to increase as it has in the last decade, 到2025年,成本将超过1万亿美元.

教育 is the only known way to mitigate and reverse the presenting symptoms of autism. Improving communication and behaviors can lead to a higher degree of self-care and freedom, in addition to millions of dollars in cost savings over our students’ lifetimes. Children can remain in their homes for longer or qualify for less restrictive group home placement, 提高他们的独立性和生活质量, 同时降低一对一成人护理的成本.

SDCA will be a state-of-the-art venue for attracting new community partners and experts in autism to the Greater Richmond region. By collecting more than 2 million data points a year on our students’ success and educational outcomes, we are positioned to pilot promising educational interventions with our university and 研究 partners.


  • 可容纳100名学生
  • Sensory library with resources to help students master technology and explore career options
  • 为需要医疗照顾的学生准备的健康室
  • The Villa’s first-ever 校园 Center that will accommodate up to 250 people for region-wide trainings and Villa events
  • 数字数据收集和家庭门户使用, 学校部门, and 研究 partners to see what students are learning in real time
  • Observation areas for 父母, trainees, and 研究 partners
  • 安全走廊,方便过渡
  • 专门的音乐和艺术空间
  • Life-skills suite where students can learn independent living skills



自闭症中心| 资本优先级目前的资金养老


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