My Breitling watches of dream

I don’t know the breitling watch. At a party, I was deeply attracted by a man wearing a silver watch, especially the blue-colored pointer on the dial made me feel at ease. The next day I deliberately went to the watch counter to find a circle to find its name is breitling. Silver dial, silver strap, royal blue pointer like a dazzling star lying quietly in the cupboard. I have been gazing for a long time, if I can afford it, I must buy it and give it to someone I love.

1Traditional women do not have to go to work, take care of their children and family life at home, and now it is different for women and boys to go to work, many businesses are better than boys.

I really want to open a drinks shop. I hope that I can increase my income to make myself rich. Second, I can make my boring life richer. But I am a little woman. I need a strong backing to help me, let me give it a go. I haven’t acted. Actually, I’m very clear about where the problem is, but a lot of things can be done or not you want.