Bulgari LVCEA Tubogas gold ring wrist watch

LVCEA Tubogas halo watch is the epitome of bulgari’s Italian attitude to life. It interprets the charming and rich connotation of contemporary women in the gentle and beautiful elegance — every woman has the power to show herself, because “your halo always shines”.According to jean-christophe Babin, CEO of bulgari group, “LVCEA Tubogas halo watch is very feminine, fashionable and modern, which is very suitable for daily wear. It reflects the rich creativity of bulgari, and also interprets the decorative style.


Bulgari is rooted in Roman culture and pays homage to Italian aesthetics which is rich, passionate and full of modern elegance. It adds Tubogas technology of classic image of decorative art into LVCEA series for the first time to express its infinite enthusiasm for a better life.In addition, 38 pieces of Tubogas antique watches, jewelry and modern wrist watches were displayed at the bulgari press conference, just like a time clue, thumbering through the glorious days of Tubogas technology.In the 1940 s, bulgari first introduces Tubogas craft jewelry, watches, was born the Serpenti serpentine wrist watch, like a bangle bracelet design give it strong decorative significance, become a classic symbol of this period.After that, bgari has flexibly applied Tubogas technology to jewelry and wrist watches, creating many treasures, which not only combines with BvlgariBvlgari series wrist watches in a breakthrough way, but also innovatively USES Tubogas technology in ceramic materials to create SerpentiSpiga series wrist watches, creating women’s unique position in decorative arts.Now, LVCEA wrist watch series, a symbol of “power of light”, and Tubogas technology meet each other gracefully for the first time, shining a dazzling halo through time and space.