Rolex Split-seconds Chronograph Ref. 4113

Function is rare. Ref.4113 watch was born in 1942, is the first history of Rolex with dual chase chronograph function of the watch, is the only one. At that time,Replica Rolex is also the most complex and most complex watch. Ordinary chronograph function watch can only record for some time, and double chase watch can record two paragraphs difference in 60 seconds within the time. Double chase function is very easy to see on the pocket watch, but very few on the watch.

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Because the double chase function needs too many parts, it is difficult in the small space on the watch to achieve a complete movement. This Ref.4113 watch is replica watches not the use of Rolex’s own production movement, but the use of Valjoux production Cal.55 movement. Rolex bought later did not carry out any gorgeous polished. Now, because the function is rare, so the 40’s production using Valjoux Cal.55 double chase movement watch, even if not Rolex brand, can also sell hundreds of thousands of yuan high price.

Style is rare. Because the movement of the larger reason, this Ref.4113 watch the watch diameter reached 44 mm. It was in the general diameter of 32 to 36 mm in terms of age, it is already very exaggerated size. Dial, nine o’clock position for the small seconds when the clock, 3 o’clock position for the 30-minute chronograph plate, the middle of the two slim double chase the second hand and take time minutes. And also with speed. Distance range, easy to measure the current speed and object distance.

The number of rare. Ref.4113 watch only produced 12, each one has a unique number, from 051313 to 051324. The current public debut also 8, the most expensive only numbered 051314.

Rolex chronographs be easily placed into two categories – those that are Daytonas and those that are not. The incredible 4113 split above is not a Daytona, this is. In fact it’s a Paul Newman Daytona, in superb condition and a solid 18k gold case. On top of that, it’s a reference 6241, a relatively unusual model that sits between the early pump pusher / steel bezel 6239 and later screw pusher / black bezel 6263. In my opinion, it’s the best of both worlds, with pump pushers and a black bezel, and is actually one of my favorite references of Daytona.

Although this Ref.4113 has reached more than 700 million yuan, but it is foreseeable that the future of its price will continue to rise, simply can not stop.